W&H Amadeo Complete Drill Unit (wired or wireless foot pedal option)

Designed and manufactured in Austria, Amadeo assists you in Orthopaedic small bone surgery for procedures to reconstruct and stabilize bones and correct misalignments.

Color touch screen with user-friendly menu navigation and pre-set programs.  Speed up to 200 – 40,000 rpm.

Includes console, brushless micromotor / cord, handpiece, variable speed foot pedal (option for wired or wireless), and 1 spray oil for maintenance.

1 year warranty.

W&H Dentalwerk was founded in Berlin by Jean Weber and Hugo Hampel (W&H), precision mechanics, in 1890. The pioneering company that produced the first mechanically operated straight and contra-angle handpieces in Europe quickly made history. In 1944, W&H moved from Berlin (Germany) to Bürmoos (Austria).  W&H is now active in more than 110 countries worldwide.


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